Surfing the River

Tomas Hermes words: In my house in Barra Velha, Santa Catarina state, Brazil, there is a spot that I surf practically every day… In the encounter of Itaperiú River with the sea there are two jetties of rocks that build and big channel. There is always a wave at the jetties to surf, such in the right side of jetty as in the left one, depends on the swell. When I go surfing on the right side I have to cross the river. There is a part of the river where you can find a sandbar, where the fishermen stay throwing theirs nets. Certain day after a surf session on the right side of jetty I decided to go out on that sandbar, and I saw a micro wave breaking down there. So I thought: “In some tidal exchange, a wave might break here”. And I was right! Couple days later, for curiosity I went there check out the spot, and there was the perfect mini wave breaking. I surfed in the morning for 30 minutes because the wave only brakes down when the tide is changing. It was an amazing and unique day!!! A day that I can’t describe.” Music: “Sufferin’” and “Stuck Up” by White Mink Coats